On the search for our roots, the chronicle of the Family

Meiering - Walling 


From the darkness of forgetting, a trace search in old church-registers and archives.


On this page is the genealogical data of the families of my ancestors and that, of my wife Gisela, born Walling. To see  the families, select the "alphabetical named search"  ore the "Ancestorlines"  to view the families. This data goes back, up to the 15th century. A "village listing" also can be selected from the "alphabetical named search" link.

Name and place registers were  prepared with "PC Ahnen 2000" ( a genealogy  program) of Günther Schwärzer.

When selecting "Ancestorlines" you will see a list of surnames. Select a surname to see the oldest known ancestor family. Then you can select two options:

1) selecting the blue number after the red written couple

will take you to the next generation and continue following that generation by selecting the blue numbers, or

2) selecting a letter will show all surnames of that letter. Selecting a surname will provide same listing as noted in number 1 above.

Also from the “Ancestorlines” at the bottom of some pages is the place register selection. This presents a listing of persons or families and the towns or cities they lived and will lead you back to individuals or families as noted in 1 and 2 explanations above.

You can select this name in the "ancestor-lines". The earliest, known ancestor couple then appears to this family with the known children. The direct ancestors are written red. The next generation is seen when you click on the blue number after the red written couple. You can view family lines so and perhaps print.

The "ancestorlines" of all families, I have in "document format”.  If you are interested  in an ancestorlines ,  E-mail me (heimeiering@t-online.de) with Name of that line. I will send as an E-mail attachment back to you.

I have represented the chronicles of our families in a short story. This link is marked by the last names on the left. The ancestors of my father, "The family Meiering", come from Vreden (and surrounding areas), to day this is the district of Borken.

"The Family Rüdel", the ancestors of my mother, they come from Bottrop and surrounding areas.

For my wife Gisela, her  father's side Wallings (The Family Kowalewskis) they  come from Masuren in  East Prussia (today Poland )

and the places around the Masurien lakes, the greatest is the great Spirdingsee. 
( see "The map oft Spirdingsee

The ancestors of  her mother’s side, the Fuhs (The Family Fuhs) come from Kleve and Pfalzdorf on the east side of the Rhein- River in the area of Goch. The ancestors of the Pfalzdorfer come from the Hunsrück. They are immigrated to the Niederrhein area in 1750 for religious and economic reasons. 

For the Family Fuhs you can select "The history of Pfalzdorf" and  "The Family Fuhs"  from title on the left. 

Thanks to John Hanrahan, from  California at (ftmjah@frontiernet.net) who helped  by providing the translation. I say Thank-you  John.

The Dietrichs (The Family Dietrich) come from Altmorschen in the Hessenland. Also see "Map of the Fuldatal" and "the families Dietrich and Schmelz".

Update: 7.2004