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Bottrop, the native country of the Rüdel and Kirschbaums
The Family Rüdel
The Family Kirschbaum
Farms in the Urkataster Bot-Gla

      Vreden, the nativecountry of the Meierings

The Family Meiering

Pictures from Vreden

Ostpreußen, the native country of the Kowalewskis (Wallings)
The Family Kowalewski
Map of Spirdingsee
Pfalzdorf und Kleve, the native country of the Pleines and Fuhs
The history of Pfalzdorf
The Family  Fuhs
Descendants of  Johann Fuhs
Descendants of  Anna Fuhs/Silke
Photo of Paul Fuhs and Family
Photo of  Johann Fuhs and Family
the Fuldatal, the native country of the Dietrichs und Schmelz
The Family Dietrich and Schmelz
Map from the Fuldatal

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