The Family Meiering (Meyering)

  The family Meyering is verifiable back to 1687. All the old Vredener church registers are in the archives of the diocese in Münster. The baptismal registers register are as of 1764, the marriage books as of 1687 and the registers of deaths as of 1777.

  Further sources for my genealogy are the contributions of the "native country organization Vreden for the country and folklore"

  One finds all possible notations of our last name in the church registers in earlier time Meyering or Meyring; however,  later it is found as Meiering, or Meiring. There is a simple explanation for this, they only wrote names in the church registers and the parish priest wrote this one down after he ard it spoken. One spoke only Low German at that time and there was no written language for Low German and in addition, our ancestors weren not as well informed to writing as we are today.

In the tax registers for the diocese of Münster of 1498 and 1499 in the town of Vreden and surrounding villages, the name Meyering does not appear in Vreden yet. Our name finds himself alone in Gescher in different variants as: Anthonius Meyrinck, Margaretha Meygerinck, or reference by a name only Meygerinck, Lucke Meyerinck and Meyerinck with no first names.

  Meyering is an old Vredener family. The  marriage registers certify these references to this fact. We found in the 1st church register from 1687 to 1696 five couples, with the name Meyering. There are two male representatives, Henrich and Joan, which could be our ancestors. This couldbe apossible ancestor in this generation as mentioned in tax list for a Rudolph Meyering. One finds the taxation of our great-great- grandfather Joan Meyering in the book Nr. 31 of the contributions of the "native country organization Vreden" on page 82. He lived, with the family Vöcking together the house no. 195, a very simple one single house with only one room.  Every family would  have lived in this room in this house. In this room were work piece of equipment, a loom, and 8 children. In addition, a day-labourer  named Bröcking lived in the same house.

  Vöcking and Meyering paid 14 shillings for 2 fireplaces and 7 shillings for 2 cows. The chamber resident Bröcking only paid 1 shilling and 2 pfennige fireplace tax.

  While the early Meyerings wrote their name with -eye-, my grandfather was written down on the parish register with -eie-. When Heinrich wanted to marry his Helena in 1885, he must go to the registry office. to register marriage. Since 1874 the marriage in the registry office ceremony had to take place in Germany in front of the church Priest, he got himself a baptizing document from the parish priest, registered with the name as -eie-. Ten the name spelled Meiering stood and the name became officially spelled this way.

All his children, the generation of my father, were registered with the spelling of -eie- in the the registry . While my father kept this notation, have Bernhard, Franz and Johann keep the old name of Meyering.

On 18 November 1959 Bernhard Meyering applied to the registry  office of Vreden to officially change the spelling of his name from Meiering to Meyering.

Franz and Johann has been able to continue her name Meyering with -eye- without difficulty.

Bernard had difficults by the marriage for his sons. Therefore he has changed his name.

Most of our ancestors have practised the profession of the hand weaver. My grandfather Heinrich worked as a weaver to 1890. The entries of his children's baptisms confirm this fact. He indicated his Profession as a factory worker at the baptism of his daughter, Catharina, in 1892,