The Family Fuhs.

FUHS is a common name in Rheinland (land near Rhein river), similar to VUHS or FUCHS (fox). It was a name for a smart or a redhaired man. It could also be that the person was wearing a fox fur, or dealt in fox furs. Also possible is the origin from FUOZ, or FUSS (foot), as people with big feet were named.

The origin town of the name FUHS is Kleve at the lower Rhein. We could find the ancester 7 generations back.

On the left bank of the Rhein, where at Napoleon's time the separation of church and state happended, already at the end of the 18th century there were birth-, death-, and wedding-registers. In the rest of the country registers were introduced in 1876.

The birth certificate of Johann Friedrich Fusz, the great great grandfather of Gisela we found in Bruehl, Nordrhein-Westfahlen (a state of Germany). His birthdate was registered according to the French revolutionary calendar as 17th day of the Pluviose month of the 13th year of the French Republic, which is Feb. 6.1805 in our calendar. The certificate is in French. His birth name was Jean Frederic Fusz. His parents were Friedrich Fusz, born 1746 and Elisabeth Schrievers. We also found the marriage and birth certificates of his wife Mina Richrath, both dated in Gregorian calendar, because 1806 the French revolutionary calendar was terminated (it lasted 1792 - 1806).

The couple has 3 children, the youngest was Paul Fuhs, whose birth we got confirmed from the registry office in Kleve. He was born March 10, 1832, in Kleve.

Paul Fuhs was married in Essen January 2, 1859  to Anna Regina Pleines, born  November 4, 1839  in Pfalzdorf. He worked as a miner in Atenessen and later in Gelsenkirchen

They had 10 children, 4 born in Altenessen, 1 born in Katernberg, and 5 born in Gelsenkirchen

Paul Fuhs committed suicide on Sept 16, 1905 at the age of 73, one day after the marriage of his youngest son Hermann. He hanged himself on a willow tree (according to the death certificate in the registry of Gelsenkirchen).

The youngest, Hermann Fuhs, was born April 14, 1883 in Braubauerschaft, today Gelsenkirchen. Sept 15, 1905, he married in Gelsenkirchen Catharina Elisabeth Dietrich, born Nov 6, 1885 in Altmorschen, Hessen (state in Germany).

Hermann and Catharina, the grandparents of Gisela, had 3 children: Anna Regina, born May 20, 1906, Valentin, born June 24, 1907, and Hermann Konrad, born Sept 25, 1908

The first daughter, Anna Regina, married Ernst Walling on May 18, 1928

I published our Geneology data at Then we got an e-mail from an American, Elizabeth Laird, born Fuhs, who is a great granddaughter of our common great grandfather Paul Fuhs. A brother of Herman, Johann Fuhs, emigrated Sept 13, 1901 with his wife Maria Schmidt, to the USA. He became American July 21, 1916 and worked as miner and farmer.

Elizabeth Laird (Fuhs) sent us all the geneology data of her family. She also sent us a photo of the whole family of Paul and Anna Regina with 9 children. It must have been taken before the emigration, probably in 1900. One of the 10 children is missing in the picture. Elizabeth also sent us a picture of the family of Johann Fuhs with wife Maria Schmidt und 7 children.

In addition to Johann Fuhs, his oldest sister Anna Maria Fuhs and husband Heinrich Johann Silke also emigrated to the USA. The two had 5 children. In the family tree of the American Fuhs I have diagrammed a part of the many descendents of the emigrants.


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