The Family Dietrich

The native country of the Dietrichs is the Hessian country and the town of Altmorschen is found in the valley of the FuldaRiver

  All the Dietrich families date from this area. The oldest Dietrich, found in church registers, is Hellwig Dietrich, that is Hellwig Dietrich, the father of Andreas Dietrich who was born in Heina on 3-24-1797. His mother was Anna Gehla Mildner. Heina lies on a hill over the town Altmorschen. 

  Andreas Dietrich, a flax weaver, got married in Heina on 12-26-1830 His wife’s name is Anna Martha Schirmerbut folks called her Maria.

There son, Heinrich Dietrich was born in Heina on 10-24-1842. Heinrich Dietrich, a day laborer, married in Altmorschen Anna Elisabeth Schmelz on 5-21-1866. They had 5 children. The youngest one born on

11-6-1885 was Catharina Elisabeth Dietrich, Gisela's grandmother. 


Baptismal entry of Catharina Elisabeth Dietrich in the church register of the Parish in Altmorschen.

  Catharina Elisabeth Dietrich get married, Hermann Fuhs, on 9-15-1905. They had 3 children, the oldest  child is Anna Regina Fuhs, Gisela's mother.

The Familie Schmelz

  The family Schmelz also dates from the Hessian country, from Beiseförth, a little place about 5 kilometers below Altmorschen in the Fulda valley. Karl Schmelz got married on 1780 in Beiseförth to Katharina Elisabeth Korbmann. Their son, Johann Heinrich Schmelz, a basket maker, got married on 6-19-1810 in Beiseförth to Anna Gertrud Ickler.

  Their son, Philipp Schmelz, born 6-19-1810, also a basket maker, got married on 12-13-1836 in Altmorschen to Anna Maria Horchler born 6-15-1811. She was an illegitimate daughter of Eva Elisabeth Horchler. The priests of the Protestant church wrote down the status of the illegitimacy in the registers at the times of baptism. The registers included the marriage and the death of Anna Maria Horchler.