The Family Fuhs

(The photo was made available by Betty Laird.)

The Familie Paul Fuhs


Paul Fuhs and his wife Anna Regina Pleines around the year 1900, with her children.


from the left sitting: 1. Wilhelm, 2. Anna Regina Fuhs born Pleines,


3. Paul Fuhs, 4. Valentin, 5. Johann, the emigrant to USA,


from the left standing: 1. Hermann, the youngest, 2. Wilhelmine Catharina?


3. Friderike Wilhelmine? 4. Marie Wilhelmine? 5. Dina ? 6. Sophia.


On this Photo we are missing one Person and that is Anna Maria Fuhs, which

is emigrated with her husband Heinrich Johann Silke about 1888 to USA.


On these sides you find all descendants of the two couples, which emigrated,


Anna Maria Fuhs and husband Johann Silke and Johann Fuhs and his wife Maria Schmidt.

It is together 63 families and countless persons. In the left Links you find "Descendants of Paul Fuhs" and Photos.